Hey there! Welcome to my Blog. My name is Marnie. My spouse is Angelo. I am a mom of two girls, Alexandra & Kaeydence. They have an 8 year difference. We have a cat, Missy, and a dog, Sadie. We are a Canadian/Italian/Portuguese family.

I am a Stay at Home Mom… For now. I am educated in law. I have worked with the local education board, and within the law community. When I do go back to work, I will be going back to school to complete the Paralegal program.

I am a very open person. I hold realistic views, rather than imaginary. I tell things as they need to be said and heard, whether or not people’s feelings will be hurt. I do sometimes ‘sugar coat’ some discussions, as some situations call for it.

In my blog, I will be discussing several things. My views on topics (Yes, I will cover Formula/Breastfeeding, Cloth Vs Disposable, Organic VS Non Organic, etc.), post crafts to do with your children (I’m pro Pinterest!), and several other tidbits of information I feel like discussing. There is no limit to what I have to say!

So, enjoy the read! Comment and Share your ideas, opinions, experiences, etc! I’d love to hear and have a fun little back and forth debate anytime!

xo M

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