*Warning: I was rudely awaken by a small child ringing my doorbell after only getting 3 hours of sleep due to having a newborn baby – so I’m a little more irritated and bitchy today!*

Neighbours. We all have them. Whether you live in the city and they are right beside you, or you live in the country and the closest neighbour is two corn fields and a horse farm away. Either way, we have them. On most occasions, you get along with your neighbours. You share ideals about your yards, your inside house renovations, your kids and their school activities. You try your hardest to get along with your neighbours… because they are there for a long time.

We just recently moved into our home. 3 days before I had Lexi to be exact. So just under two months ago. When we moved in, we made sure to introduce ourselves, our daughter, and inform our neighbours we have a dog and a cat who does wander in our yard, but never goes far and always comes home.

We live in a semi detached home. So we share a wall with our one neighbours, and have attaching driveways with our others. The wall ones we get along with VERY WELL. Considering we can hear them run up and down their stairs and visa versa. We chit chat about the garden, our backyard, our dog, their pool needs, their kids, our kids, etc. We even pick them up a timmies if we see their home, and visa versa. Adore them! So sweet. The Driveway Ones (I’ll call them DO’s for short) have a lovely father. He comes and goes quietly, deals with his children (Which there are 6 of by the way) in a calm manner unless he needs to raise his voice (Which has been once so far), says hello and goodbye, talks to my spouse about yard things a few time, very nice gentleman. The mother…. The children…. Oh. My. Freaking. Good. Lord. Nut case of a woman. Constantly screaming at her children. CONSTANTLY telling them to get out, and do this, and do that, and stop this, and stop that. Their children, 4 boys, 2 girls. The oldest daughter, shes quiet, bratty, and stays inside most of the time. The youngest daughter, we literally watch her get her brothers into trouble on a daily basis. The boys…. I dont know if its because their boys or because they just are brats, but good Lord do I want to rip my hair out sometimes. They frustrate me that much… and I’ve only lived here for 8 weeks!

Here is just SOME of the shit they pull:

  • They throw sticks and rocks at our dog (Who is on a lease in the yard until we can fix the fence).
  • They chase our cat and hold her by her neck once they can coax her into their yard to ‘play’.
  • They climb our fence (And broke it after we had just repaired it) to play in our yard when they think we aren’t paying attention
  • They insult our oldest daughter when she’s outside playing.
  • They run into our car and kick balls against it.
  • They complain of our dog barking – because they throw rocks and sticks at her and she is defending herself AND her family.
  • Come over at 8 am, while their mother stands at the end of their driveway telling them to continue to ring out doorbell, just to tell us our cat is outside… when we have said on several occasions she is an outdoor cat because she came from a farm – SO WE KNOW SHES OUTSIDE.

oh and the list continues. The mother, when discussed this with her, decided to tell me it wasn’t my place to complain of her children……………….. Excuse me? Listen here bitch. I am being polite and not ripping your damn head off right now because your children are spoiled, little brats. I understand why all the other neighbours put giant 6 foot fences up in their yards ONLY against YOUR yard and not their other neighbours!

How am I ever going to deal with these rude, arrogant people!? Oh…let me tell you.
I’m going to build a 6 foot damn fence between our yards, I’m going to ask them ONCE politely to keep their kids OFF my property, not to torment my dog or my child or my cat, and the NEXT TIME they so much as BLINK THE WRONG WAY TOWARDS my children or my animals, I will be contacting city police and animal control to have them charged with animal cruelty…
I will update on how that works out!

xo M


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