Let’s Get Shots…

No, I don’t mean the alcoholic ones, or the ones that come from a gun. I’m talking about the needle kind. Vaccinations. Let’s be clear from the beginning, I am a pro vaxxer! If you choose not to continue reading because you’re like “Oh Gawd, She’s going to go on and on and on about wanting to kill her kids”… Well, than shame on you for being so fucking stupid and not at least being open to someone else’s opinion and views on subjects! For those of you still reading, let’s get real here… 

There are a billion and one studies out there that show the pros AND a billion and two studies that will show the cons. Here’s my views on it. My siblings all were vaccinated, myself, my parents, my friends growing up and to this day. Frig, I’m sure my Grandparents had some form of vaccines to take when they were younger. They all survived. My oldest is vaccinated, therefore, so will be my youngest. Why? Because I will take that 1 out of a million chance that my children will be autistic, have asthma, diabetes, or whatever other disability people state they cause. I will love them whether or not they have some form of disability. I will support them, guide them through life and do my parental duties no matter who or what they go through. I rather them be on this earth, rather than 6 feet in it!

I didn’t die from Polio – Whoa, that was a close one. Thanks Vaccines! I didn’t become autistic, have diabetes (well… until I got older but that was due to my eating habits) or any of the other things they say will happen. No. They WILL not happen, they COULD happen. There is a difference between those words. For those anti-vaxxers still reading and do not understand the difference, allow me to give you a short little ‘difference in definition’ lesson – Will = guaranteed to happen VS Could = possibility to happen. Depending on which research paper, website or conspiracy theorist you read about, there is approximately 1 in a million chance of it happening. Meaning, your child has a 1 in a million chance to become deathly ill or have a disability. Yet, if they DON’T get the vaccines they have a HIGHER RISK of getting the diseases and not only that possibility of getting those disabilities still exist, but they could also die. So basically what you’re stating (as an anti-vaxxer) is that your child’s life is worth so little to you that you rather risk them dying than dare to live with them having some form of a disability. WOW! Not only can you keep your children the hell away from mine, but you’re also a completely heartless human being, and probably shouldn’t have children. Period.

For those sitting there going “She’s shown no real proof behind her opinion…”. I don’t need to. First off, this is a blog, not a research paper. I can voice my OPINION…. an opinion is based on personal experience, personal knowledge, facts and several other mumbo jumbo words that creates ones thoughts. Doesn’t have to be all of the above. The fact that I know more vaccinated people, than none vaccinated, and they all are living a normal life (And yes, that includes people who have asthma, autism, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, etc….. Also, for the record, I have both ADHD, anxiety and depression… none of which I blame vaccines for and none of which I view as preventing me from living a life). If you want facts to back up my point… here’s some facts.

  • Vaccines save approx. 2.5 million children per year from preventable diseases
  • Children are exposed to Aluminium more in breast milk than in vaccines (I breastfeed by the way!)
  • The FDA requires up to 10 or more years of testing of all vaccines before they are licensed – they are monitored and regulated by FDA and CDC.
  • One every million vaccinaters have reactions to vaccines…. Kind of like they have an allergic reaction… which can happen with anything – including breathing the air around you, the food you eat, or literally anything in the world.
  • Vaccines eradicated smallpox…. Just sayinggggg. Also, because it’s been eradicated, children are no longer vaccinated for it. This is the ultimate goal for all vaccines – Make it so we no longer need it!

With that said, I’m not niave. I understand there are issues with vaccines. I understand some children react to them in a poor manner and have reactions that can kill them. Example: pneumonia can be caused by the chickenpox vaccine, the flu vaccine can be connected with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and they can also be linked to learning disabilities, asthma, autism, etc. But with that, I have two questions. Are you always going to live your life in fear that something bad may happen to your children? Are you going to love them any less if they have a learning disability, or are autistic, or you have to spend a little more money each month to control their asthma?

So, as I sit here with both my vaccinated, very much alive, very much perfectly fine, children writing this very long and repetitive article, I am so appreciative that they have me as a mother, and not some heartless, uncaring human being. Continue to not vaccinate your children, and we will continue to need them. I personally, have no problem playing a part in eradicating the diseases that could possibly eradicate the human population. I won’t feel bad, like I’m a shitty parent or like I’m going to hell (even though I probably am, but for many other reasons). I’ll go to bed at night knowing my children are protected, loved, safe, healthy and cared for. As long as you can say the same thing, than koodo’s to you!

Xo M


Website(s) used for facts: 


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