That One Toy…

You know what I’m talking about. Every child has one. They seem to go through stages of finding the most irritating toy to fall in love with and annoy you with. But don’t worry, the songs, tunes, movements, etc. will be stuck forever in your head just in time for the next toy to come around…. 

For us, it’s the the Beatbo Robot! I bought A the mini pink version at Toys R Us for $9.99 (Plus taxes of course). She fell in love!

Every time it sang, she’d smile wide, giggle and want more. We had to buy her the big one! Luckily we found one at a garage sale, basically brand new for $5 (regular $49.99 – Plus Taxes). *WHAT A STEAL!*

She loves it just as much as the small one. She tries to dance, stand, kick, etc.! However, the music and sayings are irritating after hearing it over and over at least 30 times every hour all day long! To the point my hubs was in the kitchen cooking dinner and singing it to himself… She was in the living room (Across the house) playing with her singing cow!

Toy companies must make a killing off these things. Parents can’t avoid spending the money. Luckily, unlike a lot of toys for older children, they are still educational and teach them something. Unlike my oldest’s favourite toy currently *Shopkins – seriously… what do they teach kids other than to spend money on more!*. Little Tykes, Fisher Price, and VTech so far the best toy companies around! Just in my opinion, of course!

I’m not sure what her next favourite toy will be, I just hope it’s not as irritatingly adorable like the robot! It’s a love hate relationship with this thing!

Any who, little A getting fussy. Time to go feed, burp, bath, change, and put to sleep! Nightly routine at its finest. Enjoy!

xo M

*P.S. Just kicked the robot and instinctively sang with it!

The Small Version of BeatBo Robot!

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