Families Opinions…

Don’t get me wrong, I understand all families think they know best or better than first time parents. I understand as much as I have two daughters, this is still my partners first time with a newborn… but to outright tell me you’re not going to respect my choices for my child, because you “aren’t going to listen to a child tell you what to do” or “You know better from experience”…. You’re so lucky I haven’t knocked you out and told you to fuck off for life! 

I’m opinionated, I’m bossy, I’m sassy, I’m a modern parent. I research what my options/choices are before going forward with them based on what TODAY’s science has PROVEN.

Example: My kids are vaccinated… because SCIENCE has PROVEN that vaccines WORK!

I’m not pro breast or pro formula. I am pro fed. But if one thing works for your child, WHY CHANGE IT?! I breastfeed my youngest (oldest was formula fed). My in laws always relate any and all issues that may occur to the fact that maybe possibly be the breast milk. She has a rash (from the trees outside).. oh something wrong with my milk, must give her formula. She pukes… oh something wrong, needs formula…
Excuse me? Why the hell would I spend $120+ A week on JUST FORMULA when my BOOBIES create milk that WORKS for FREE!?! Do you have the extra $120 a month? Cause I don’t! I rather spend that money on other things, like clothes she needs, toys she can learn with, diapers she uses, etc! Not going to spend the money on Formula when I’m perfectly happy and healthy to Boobie Feed. If it didn’t work, than we would spend the money, but I’m against spending money on stuff we don’t need!

Next is baby food. Science SHOWS it is better on the digestive system if you wait until 6 months to introduce solids. Sweet! Guess who did her research? (yea, me). Guess who decided to wait until 6 months to introduce solids? (Yea, again, me!). Guess who went out and bought food that expires a month after we start to introduce food – and is food you don’t introduce until at least 4 months after you’ve intro. certain foods? (Yea, NOT ME!). So they spent money on food… that wont be used… and will be upset with me because they spent the money on it. So? Did I say go out and buy it? No. Did I say we were waiting until 6 months? uh. yes. Several times! I appreciate the effort on trying to assist. But if you’re going to assist, do it properly, or at least ask, because no. I will not be going her desert foods at 7 months old. I will introduce ONE type of food every 5-7 days. So I can determine whether or not she has an allergy to a certain type of food (easier to pinpoint it this way). That means each month, I will only introduce 4 types of food. Veggies, Fruits, then meats. Probably will swap veg and fruits back and forth.

What all do you need to start solids?
– Baby Food – Whether store-bought, or homemade (I’m lazy, so I’ll be doing the store bought baby jars).
– bowls – because I don’t always want it right from the jar!
– spoons – how else are you suppose to get the mush in their little mouths!
– bibs – because babies + food = messes! Lets try to save those shirts from stains as much as possible!
– high chair – they need to sit up right!
– baby wipes/cloths – because … babies… +… food … = … MESSES!

These are the choices I make for my children because I did the research to see what is BEST for them. I understand the way parents did things when I was little worked fine, but that was during that time. Today, so much has changed since then.
Food is grown differently, therefore, how it affects the body is different. Technology has changed and advanced, so buying the more sounds, moving, flashing toys are necessary, so children learn to use technology earlier to keep up with the advanced changes. In 1995, research for school papers were done in a library, now computers are in classrooms to do basic classroom learning.

Now, for a difficult discussion. Rape. It’s common. Research shows it’s more common to happen by a family or close family friend. As children we were raised we had to give our aunts and uncles a hug and kiss good-bye. I’m raising my children, they can say no. They have a right to be uncomfortable and they have the right to say “no”. It’s their body. It’s their choice. You have the right to ask 3 times for a hug, and a kiss goodbye or hello. If they say no 3 times, you back off. Do not make me step up and say something, because you will not like what comes out of my mouth. I may be having issues standing up for myself, but standing up for them – is a different story.

Things have changed. So I’m not going to sit here and apologize. I’m not being disrespectful by asking you to follow my requests for my children. You’re being disrespectful by questioning, not following and telling me “You’re not going to listen to a child tell you what to do with another child”. I’m 25, almost 26 years old. I have two daughters, I have a cat, a dog, a house, a car, I pay my own bills. I went to college, I paid for that all on my own. I am an adult. If you can’t respect that and treat me as such, and respect my wishes for MY children, you won’t be welcome in our lives.

You have experience. Okay. Good. You’re children grew up just fine. Awesome. But you had your time, now allow me to have mine.

xo M

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