The Reason for Her…

My oldest is from my teenage years. She’s 8 years old. Full of sass, attitude, and questions. I raised her on my own for 6 years. Her father in and out as he pleased. Her Grandmother on his side stepped in when he stepped out. We were young when we had her, and his choices while young, much like my own, were not always the greatest. My mother abused her role in our lives. When we escaped that hell hole, I was solely on my own, despite previous efforts and supports from my older sister and my exboyfriend- father to my oldest.  Continue reading “The Reason for Her…”


DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint


  • Two 4 oz. bottles of WASHABLE school glue
  • 1 cup white flour
  • 4-5 cups plain white shaving foam
  • food coloring drops
  • 1 gallon plastic zipper bag
  • sandwich-sized plastic zipper bags – 1 per food coloring
  • scissors
  • Optional: plastic squirt bottles (such as used for tie dyeing)

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